Somewhere in my late 40’s I lost part of my vocabulary.  All of a sudden ‘thing’ became a verb and a noun in my daily conversations.  Conversations with my kids would be like this ‘get the um (___) you know, the thing!  I thought if I really enunciated the word thing and said it loud …that the light would go on in their brain …and they would automatically be able to translate…Oh Mom, you mean the ‘bbq lighter’ ? And then I would reply with Yes!! Exactly…I need you to get me the BBQ lighter…

Working a high pressure Corporate job was a little different… my new found verb/noun word ‘thing’ wouldn’t  be as widely acceptable as it was at home- instead people around the table would look at me with a blank stare like what’s wrong with her, what’s she trying to say?  I would respond with something silly like …“Guess I need that 2nd cup of coffee” followed by a quick chuckle as I poked fun at myself.  When in actual effect coffee was part of this contributor to my brain fog!!!  It wasn’t coffee that I needed it was a nice glass of lemon water or perhaps a green tea.

I had a conversation with a superior of mine who told me I wasn’t coming across as being ‘Crisp’ and as much as I wanted to correct her and tell her ‘I am a hormonal mess with brain fog and right now I’m having a hot flash;  instead I sat across from the table and politely smiled, as that was the diplomatic thing to do.

Now it was becoming noticeable to others and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I even felt it myself, my little neuro pathways in my brain that would allow me to think clearly and with the end in mind were foggy and fuzzy.  I’m a very visual person, I can’t have pictures out of focus!  This was becoming another hicup.  Was brain fog making me stupid? Or at least appear stupid? But in KRoy’ style I’d just laugh it off and make a joke and that became my coping mechanism.  Seriously nobody cared why except me.  Thank goodness by ‘bank account was full’ with many of my colleagues.  (Steven Covey)

 I believe in Menopositive!  I’m embracing this new stage in my life with or without brain fog, let my inner goddess shine!!!