Karen Roy
‘mature’, ‘seasoned’, ‘experienced’ but don’t ever say OLD!
As I was waiting for my flight and sitting in the Maple Leaf Lounge I decided to be one of ‘those people’ who grabbed more than her fair share of the ‘FREE’ magazines…but afterall i had some time to waste.
Flipping through Redbook…I came to the page where all the feedback and stuff from the last issue is ….and there it was a comment from a ‘mature, seasoned, experienced ‘ woman…she complememted the mag for including her age bracket in the ‘last issue’.
Seriously? The ‘last’ issue…how awful ….I couldn’t imagine that happening, we only get 1 issue? That’s not right!! But what’s really out there that speaks to fashion, aging, etc.  all  I could think of  was More’ and ‘Zoomers’…disappointment set in…or maybe reality, as I never thought of this before.
From that page forward I skimmed the entire mag with a complety different lense..and oh crap, she was right..there really wasnt much content that was relavant to the mature, experienced and aging…but not OLD …and btw…Diane Keaton is the only one that seems to represent!
I remembered my  girlfriend always saying ‘Old Chicks Know Stuff’ …and she’s absolutely right! We do, but apparently we’re  all keeping it a secret…time to change that! I’m talking hopping , haute fashion with a hot flash here or there…make it real but most of all make it happen!