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Embrace the life YOU were born to live

Dreams can be realities when you look deep within and find what you truly desire.

In that moment a feeling of lightness and empowerment comes over you and you hear your inner voice whisper

As coach in one of Toronto’s top health societies, Karen offers her time and expertise to those who not only want to make a business out of their passion but also to simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Whoever said, “You can’t have it all” frankly lied.

As a health coach specializing in age and supplementation, Karen has inspired and mentored other like minded women who want the most out of life, who won’t settle and who embrace every day with zest!

Karen works daily with the following types of women:

  • Transitioning from the “Corporate World” to their new found passion
  • Self starters who want to learn how to monetize their inner gifts and create a new revenue stream
  • Moms that want to stay home and contribute to their families differently
  • School graduates who want to know how to apply their knowledge in the real world
  • Women who want to own their schedule and be their own boss

Executive Mentorship – Karen’s hands-on approach has helped many small business owners and entrepreneurs kick start and reignite their businesses.  Whether it’s a launch of a new business or helping an existing client streamline their operations to improve their bottom line, Karen gets this done and shows YOU how.

If you’re brand new to business and want to turn your passion for healthy living into a career, Karen’s knowledge, personalized approach and expertise helps even the most inexperienced focus in on their business and deliver results.

Karen’s healthy living coaching- If you’re ready to learn Karen’s  ‘secret‘ to being healthy and fit over 40 then this program is designed for you. Her program is your proactive way to increase energy levels, boost your immune system, learn how to eat real food and the proper use of supplementation.

Karen offers a free personalized assessment of your current lifestyle and gives you solutions to your specific needs.


If you’re already a wellness professional and are ready to SOAR both in business and in life or transitioning your career and want to take your current healthy lifestyle and create a FREEDOM empire, click Karen’s Tribe. If you’re looking to improve your current health and wellbeing, click on ‘My Self Assessment‘. .

Karen beams with light, radiance and wellness. She is one of the most authentic and passionate wellness mentors I know. She will inspire you to achieve anything you truly desire
Leanne Grechulk - Leadership and Lifestyle Expert
You couldn’t work with a nicer person. Karen is so passionate about what she does that it’s contagious. She takes the time to understand what’s your personal goals and values and sets you up for complete and utter success!
Rachael Regan - Digital Branding Ninja
Karen exemplifies high quality leadership by the standards she sets for herself. She is great at guiding others to success and ensuring everyone is performing at their best doing the work they pledged to do and doing it well.
Andria N , Visa Canada
I always remind myself how important it is to try and be a great leader through caring and passion. You taught me that.
Melissa Threader, Groupe Dynamite
Karen sparkles with enthusiasm and passion. She is an incredible motivator, an exemplary leader and a mentor like no other.
Lori Hennessey, Royal LePage Atlantic

Ready for a change?

Follow Karen’s journey through her personal blog. Interested in a topic? Send us an email.

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